About Loving Lightwork

Welcome! I’m Ash, the founder and emotional healer at Loving Lightwork. My mission is to support and empower others to reach their self-healing potential. An avid self-love enthusiast, I deeply believe in everyone’s innate ability to heal through reconnection and the cultivation of compassion. In the safe space of empathy and non-judgement, I invite you to reflect and transform.

My ability to sense the feelings in others, assists me to connect deeply with your light and shadow aspects. My goal is to help you reconnect with your truth, and discover the freedom to live in your natural state of flow. Become the master of your own reality and let go of all that no longer serves you. Release those unhelpful thought patterns and the weight of your emotional baggage. Learn to communicate authentically with yourself and in your relationships.

I wish to share with you the empowering tools which have honoured me along my own self-healing journey. Learn how to feel supported by your own inner wisdom and connect with insight and intuition. It is from this place of self discovery which I found a greater sense of peace and clarity within myself.

Let the light in!

About Ash

I’m a baby-faced vegetarian with a limitless curiosity for understanding the human experience. Like all humans, I am forever evolving! I cherish all obstacles as opportunities for reflection and growth.

I began my adult journey studying textiles and graphic design, with great appreciation for all forms of creativity, art and expression. I spent time working in small design studios and researching ethical manufacturing. That world didn’t fulfill me quite like the joy I felt from working with people intimately. Even while working in retail, I found complete strangers opening up to me and finding comfort in my reflections. This always warmed my heart and gave me a sense of purpose.

During this time, I became unwell and was left searching for a diagnosis and cure. With my turn in health, I sought support from many modalities of natural wellbeing; mindfulness, holistic counselling, acupuncture, naturopathy and energy therapy, to name a few. As a little girl, I had incredible experiences with female healers, vibrational therapists and lightworkers. I told myself that when I was old and grey, I too would have the wisdom to help others.

One day, a personal experience had me facing some hard realities. I had the choice between listening to my mind or finally accepting my intuition and the truth. This difficult and devastating moment transformed my entire world. It was an awakening experience of death and rebirth. This pivotal moment realigned me with my true purpose here on Earth; to follow my bliss, listen to the wisdom of my body and fulfill my potential as a loving, supportive being.

It was a lonely transition, but one I was lucky to share with lightworkers I trusted to gently guide me as I built myself stronger than ever before. More than the physical therapies, I found the emotional healing to have the greatest effects on my overall wellbeing and health.

During my first session with an Arts Therapist, I felt that deep knowing in my gut and watched my direction as a healer unfold. In 2017, I began my formal training in meditation, mindfulness and the chakra energy systems. The intensive study and daily practice taught me how to be the observer of my experiences and deeply connect with my mind, body and spirit. Through learning Arts Therapy, I began to integrate my aspects of Self, made meaning of my experiences and furthered my understanding of creative expression. I cultivated presence, healing and strengthened my relationship with myself.

Following my gut, I found Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping). The trauma-informed technique empowered me to acknowledge painful experiences while dissolving the emotional charge they held over me. Letting go of the stress and overwhelm allowed me to begin living my full potential. I no longer felt smothered by the weight of my past.

I’m only human, still learning and growing from my experiences and my relationships. I have struggled with self-worth, depression and anxiety. I have felt paralyzed by fear, and overwhelmed by stress and other people’s judgement of me. A recovering people pleaser, I’ve had to learn how to hold boundaries and develop healthy communication skills. Just like many, I’ve had to create daily self-care practices and realign my work/life balance.

 While I learned to hold space for myself, I cultivated the skill of holding space for others to heal and grow also.

I’m perfectly imperfect. Just like you.
And I can see the light in both of us, and honour our shared humanity.