About Loving Botanica

Loving Botánica is a natural apothecary with a strong ethos of harbouring kindness and compassion for ourselves, our beautiful mama nature and all of her creatures. Our intention is to produce and share with you nourishing, botanical blends for emotional wellbeing and self-care. Marrying natures beauty and utility, all of our blends are created from high quality botanical sources, certified-organic ingredients and essential oils with intrinsic healing properties. We believe in minimising our eco-footprint and preventing harm to our environment and our beloved animal friends. Which is why all of our products are created without harsh chemicals and we only use ingredients which have never been tested on animals.

All of our creations are hand crafted in small batches by a Mother-Daughter duo in our Mornington Peninsula studio. We – Charyn, an avid gardener, craftsman and aromatherapy enthusiast with over 30 years of experience, and Ashleigh, an emotional healer and designer – began formally developing Loving Botánica and trialling our potions on willing human participants, in 2015. Our journey was inspired by a mutual desire to delve deeper into chemical-free living and mind-body harmony.

To everyone who has been a part of our journey and assisted us in coming to fruition, we’d like to offer you many thanks.
It is your love and support that enables us to work on our passion.

About Our Values

We are proudly certified by Choose Cruelty Free!

We are passionate about living in a world that treats animals with respect, kindness and compassion. Ashleigh is a committed vegetarian and supporter of the ban on animal testing. In creating Loving Botanica, we vowed to never compromise our values and intentions. We ensure that all of our ingredients have never been tested on animals, and purchase from suppliers which hold our values. All of our ingredients are from botanical sources and 100% vegan.

Over the years, we have supported Choose Cruelty-Free and thank them for all the work they do to eradicate the inhumane practice of testing on animals. The Australian, non-profit organisation advocates for justice and animal rights, and their work is largely carried out by volunteers.

We are ecologically and socially conscious!

An “ethical” product is one which has been developed without harm to, or exploitation of, humans, animals or the natural environment. We are proud to have developed a brand that we believe to be socially and ecologically responsible. We take pride in offering complete transparency about our products and business practices.

We have spent years researching sustainable farming practices and supporting suppliers whom we believe share our values. Tracing manufacturing processes can be tricky, which is another reason why we are huge advocates for using organic ingredients. We’re doing our best to ensure that no humans, animals or land were harmed during the manufacturing of our essential oils. Which is also why we choose not to use palm oil in our soaps or sage which has been wildcrafted unsustainably in California.

We offer refills!

Not only are we doing our best to cut down on plastic and waste during manufacturing and shipping, we also have a refill incentive so you can re-use your packaging over and over again. Simply get in touch when you’re ready to top up and we will organise a discounted refill. The incentive comes with a free fuzzy warm feeling of knowing that you don’t have to throw away a perfectly good glass bottle.