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Arts Therapy

Mindfully connect with your own creativity and innate body wisdom, while being safely supported and gently guided to reach your self-healing potential. Your creative expression is infinite and goes beyond the limitations of speech alone. This person-centered style of therapy trusts and encourages you to lead the direction of your sessions, knowing that you are the master of your own life. Acting as a mirror, I can help you to gain perspective and insight from your experiences. As we dive deep to the source of unhelpful belief systems and thought patterns, we can transform them together. With compassion and in your perfect timing, you can heal from trauma, release stagnant energy and develop your relationship with Self.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is an emotional healing technique which connects your mind/body energy system. While tapping on a sequence of meridian points, we mindfully tune into your felt sense and engage with your subconscious mind. This technique gently releases the stress and emotional charge at the root of the problem presented. EFT is an empowering tool practiced by you and guided with care, by myself. Designed to dissolve any disruptions in your natural flow, EFT can be applied to any emotional or physical issue. Restoring mind/body harmony, you will discover insights and let go of anything which no longer serves you.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Practiced for millennia, the humble arts of meditation and mindfulness have been utilized to cultivate inner peace and clarity of the mind. Lessons rooted in Buddhist psychology can teach you how to develop your self awareness and create a more compassionate viewpoint. Through meditation and mindfulness, we can tune into ourselves, receive messages for healing and insight, and strengthen your intuition. Make space for deep relaxation and release stress. Learn how to become the observer of your thoughts and feelings, and be empowered to act from your higher self.

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