1. Acknowledge your feelings

When you think about the issue, what sensations
can you feel in your body and where?

What emotions can you feel?

Give the most intense feeling a rating from 0-10

2. Set-up statement affirmation

Repeat this statement three times while tapping the acupoint on the side of your hand (dot on diagram)

“Even though, I have (these feelings) when I think about (issue), I accept myself and how I feel”

3. Acupoint tapping sequence

Down either side of the body, tap on each acupoint for two seconds while repeating a brief reminder phrase

“This (feeling) because of (issue)”

4. Check in with your feelings

Think about the issue and notice what you can
feel in your body now

After a round of tapping, it is normal to notice
uncomfortable sensations elsewhere

Repeat the process in steps 1-4 until the intensity of your feelings comes down as low as possible