Loving Botanica Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Loving Botánica Australian?
Yes, Loving Botánica is an Australian owned and operated business. We hand make all of our products on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia. Most of our suppliers are also locals.

Which payment methods do you accept online?
We accept payments via the Paypal payment service. Paypal allows you to checkout safely using almost all preferred payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex and more. Paypal is one of the most used and trusted online payment services.
We also accept payments via Afterpay. Simply setup or use your already existing Afterpay account.

Why would I choose Loving Botánica over conventionally-perfumed fragranced products?
Conventional fragranced products are, unless specified on their packaging, chemical-based. They may be designed to smell nice and linger for hours on your skin, but estimates suggest that synthetic chemicals constitute more than 80-90% of the raw materials used in today’s fragrance formulations. A single fragrance may contain as many as several hundred chemicals and, like many other chemicals in widespread use today, little is known about the impact they have on human health or the Earth.

Because Loving Botánica products are made from organic essential oils derived from nature, that have been tried and tested over thousands of years, they won’t harm you or your family (unless you have a specific allergy), animals or the planet. Plus they offer therapeutic benefits in an ethical, chemical-free way.

Do conventional fragrances last longer than Loving Botánica fragrances, and why?
You will find that the length of time a fragrance stays on your skin is dependent on your own body’s physiology, the atmosphere/environment you are in and the chemicals within the fragrance. The chemicals that constitute the smell in conventional fragrances have been developed to linger and this is most often done with the use of “penetration enhancer” chemicals. These chemicals push the fragrance through the layers of the skin to make it last longer. But by pushing chemicals through the layers of your skin, this means that the chemicals are transported more quickly around the body, hence enabling them to do more damage. And conventional fragrances often list their cocktail of chemicals ambiguously as “fragrance” or “parfum” so who knows exactly which chemicals have been put in them? Chemical-free Loving Botánica fragrances may not last as long as conventional fragrances. TIP: We have found that by spraying our organic fragrances onto our clothing instead of directly onto our skin, we may gain a longer lasting scent. Be aware that they contain essential oils which may stain lighter coloured or delicate fabrics.

Are Loving Botánica products tested on animals? Are they Vegan?
We would never use animal products in our formulations nor would we test our products on animals. PLUS we ensure that none of our suppliers test their products on animals either. All products are tested on willing human volunteers, animal free and vegan friendly.

Is all Loving Botánica packaging recyclable?
Yes. Loving Botánica is dedicated to saving our planet! All our packaging is recyclable, plus we don’t use any superfluous packaging like unnecessary boxes or leaflets when we don’t need to. And as often as possible, we recycle and reuse the packaging we have saved. To encourage re-use we ask that you send us back your glass bottles when you order a refill. Just send us a message on our contact page prior and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

Should I test Loving Botánica products before using them?
Yes. Before applying any new product to your skin, you should patch test it on a small area – the inside of your wrist, say – to ensure compatibility. If you experience any sensitivity – such as redness, burning or stinging – wash the product off with warm water and discontinue use.

I’m pregnant. Can I use Loving Botánica products?
We do not advise the use of our products during pregnancy. There is much information available about whether to use or not use essential oil products while pregnant. There are specialists that say some oils are acceptable at various stages, and there are others who advocate avoiding all essential oil products throughout pregnancy. It is best to consult your Medical Practitioner before using any product containing essential oils, such as Loving Botánica, if you are expecting a child.

Can children use Loving Botánica?
It is advisable not to use any products containing essential oils directly on children under 18 months old. Loving Botánica’s all-natural ingredients are perfect for use on children older than 18 months old though, provided you are aware of any allergies they may have. We insist that new products be tested on a small patch of skin prior to indulgence.

Is Loving Botánica Lift also a mosquito repellent?
Lift contains a blend of essential oils that have been known, since forever by our ancestors, to deter mosquitoes – unlike conventional perfumes and aftershaves. To smell heavenly and ward off nasty pests at your next dusk to dawn party, wear Loving Botánica Lift.

Where can I buy Loving Botánica Products?
You’ll find all of our products here in our online store

How should I store my Loving Botánica products?
To care for Loving Botánica products store them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Close lids tightly on all bottles and jars, and be sure to adhere to the guidelines on each product’s label.

Lavender is grown in France and in Australia, do they smell different? Would this affect the smell of your products?
Essential oils are living products and will differ in their fragrance from year to year. Their molecular structure may change due to many reasons such as different countries, different soils in growing areas and even different climatic conditions, like rainfall or drought. In this respect they are like fine wines. Nature is always changing. No essential oil is precisely the same. We do our best to maintain consistency in our blends and frequent the same suppliers. During times of shortage, we may need to source our oils from alternative producers.

Can I work for Loving Botánica?
We are not currently recruiting.

How can I get in touch with Loving Botánica?
Go to our contact page