Low-Cost Psychotherapy Sessions

Everyone is worthy of receiving the emotional support they need, no matter their financial circumstances.

As such, I am offering low cost ($55) 6o-minute sessions to select clients for 2022. There are a limited number of spaces available, and participants need to meet two of the key requirements below to be considered.

You may apply if;

  • you consider yourself to be low-income, under financial hardship or unable to afford regular support.


  • you are living in a difficult family situation which is causing you great stress.
  • or, you have in the past or are currently experiencing family and domestic violence.
  • or, you have experienced a traumatic event which is still affecting your emotional wellbeing.
  • or, you have a disability or chronic illness.

I ask that applicants be committed to themselves and their mental health goals, with a long-term therapeutic relationship of 6-12 fortnightly or monthly sessions over a period of 6+ months.