Slow 10ml Natural Perfume


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The stresses of everyday life can overwhelm us…if we let them. Although we know we ought to slow things down, we tend to lose focus, become anxious and rationality deserts us. Simply spray some Slow on to your inner wrists. Close your eyes and lower your shoulders. Inhale the fragrance, take deep breaths and allow your mind to take you to a slower, tranquil place. The soothing notes of bergamot, juniperberry and lily of the valley act first to promote calmness and release tension. The more subtle base note of amber has a hypnotic, sedative-like effect.

  • Find tranquillity when you’re feeling tense
  • Floral fragrance with a woody undertone
  • Calming essential oils

  • Vegan and certified Cruelty-Free
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Smell divine, chemical free


Out of stock


Ingredients: certified organic alcohol, aqua (water), plant-based solubiliser, 100% certified organic essential oils of – bergamot, juniperberry, lily-of-the-valley and amber.

*This product contains citricidal; a natural preservative made from grapefruit seed extract. We use only 1-3 drops per bottle to promote longevity, as this item contains water.

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