“Wellness is the complete integration
of body, mind, and spirit –
the realisation that everything we do,
think, feel and believe has an effect on
our state of wellbeing.”
– Greg Anderson

Are you ready for more freedom and clarity now?

Hi, I’m Ashleigh and I’ll support you to reach your self-healing potential. Release stress and limiting beliefs with powerful healing tools.

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    I can help you with

    • Stress and burnout
    • Low mood or depression
    • Grief and loss
    • Anxiety attacks
    • Dissociation/disconnection
    • Eating disorders
    • PTSD and trauma recovery
    • Addictions and cravings
    • Unhelpful patterns
    • Overcome people-pleasing
    • Setting boundaries
    • Strengthening intuition

    Learn more about creative arts therapy, EFT tapping and mindfulness

    “My session with Ash was fantastic.

    Ash has a very natural ability of framing up the conversation and tapping through it in an intuitive and reasoned way. She hit the nail on the head!

    As a seasoned user and practitioner of EFT it is lovely to see a new generation of practitioners coming through who are as passionate and dedicated to the work as Ash obviously is.

    I have already experienced great results and will be booking a block of 5 sessions!

    I would highly recommend Ash.”

    Dr. Linda Wilson, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and Energy Psychology Practitioner

    “I have just finished an EFT session with Ash and I am feeling so serene and clear-minded.

    After a very troubling 6 months, I am holding a lot of physical and emotional tension and I can feel it softening and evaporating already.

    Ash is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and this makes her guidance magical.

    Thank you Ash for holding space while I continue along my healing journey.”

    Suzie Byatt, Yin Yoga Instructor and Illustrator

    “Ashleigh helped me with my chocolate cravings when I was following an intense diet; and I can’t recommend her services enough!

    Through EFT therapy, she was successful at helping me identify my emotional connection to chocolate and enabled me to essentially drop it from my cravings list on the spot. I couldn’t even look at a block in the same loving way.

    Ash is very compassionate, understanding, patient, and very approachable; she made sure that I left the EFT session with the right tools to keep up the therapy outside of our appointments.”

    Marcus Floyd, Pharmacy Manager and Musician

    Loving Botanica Apothecary

    Harnessing the healing powers of nature and the manifesting powers of mindful intention. Utilizing the ancient practice of aromatherapy, we ensure that each blend goes beyond stimulating the olfactory senses, to serve a unique purpose. Combining our knowledge with botanical sources, we have carefully curated a collection of empowering tools for body, mind and soul. Each creation is lovingly made by hand in small batches and designed to restore inner balance and harmony.

    Our ethos is guided by compassion for all things living and breathing. We consciously tread lightly on the Earth, minimising our eco-footprint, and use only plant-based and organic ingredients. Since we first planted our roots, we have been certified by Choose Cruelty-Free. All of our products are free from nasties, chemicals and toxins.